About XO, B: This is a blog for food, fashion, and beauty. [My three favorite things!] I post weekly. Each week is giving a taste of my new fashion finds, beauty products, or yummy quick meals. I hope my readers find this blog as a place to lose themselves and have girl talk; while learning a few nifty tips or finding they’re new favorite products. My goal is to cultivate a website that girls look to for advice on my three blogging topics.

About me: My name is Bailey Craddock, I’m 18 years old and living and blogging from College Station, Texas! I’ve always had a huge passion for food, fashion, and beauty. I decided to use my blog to make finding tips a little easier verses having to do all the tireless searching I do now for the best clothes, beauty products, and recipes! This blog will be a place you can find all in one. So grab some queso or your snack of choice and take a read of one of my posts, I hope you enjoy reading!