The Lifestyle Edit:

Must Haves for the Dog Lover.


Our pups hold a special place in our heart and I am all about my little man, Oscar! [Pictured above.] So, I thought it would be so fun to share items every dog lover must have! Some are for the dog and some are for the owner! Spoiling my little man is one of my favorite things. The special thing about dogs is they are always there, and they always chose you. So, they should be showered with love, toys, treats and affection! #dogmom


1. Elk Split Antler Chew $9.99 [currently on sale for, $6.49.]


I have this antler chew for Oscar and it is his favorite! He carries it with him everywhere and he also loved it when he was teething. I think it is a must have for any pup!

2. The Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook $14.95 [currently on sale for, $14.95.]


I got this at Barnes n’ Noble recently and I just think it’s too cute. I love that it came with three cookie cutters.

3. Set of Pug Glass Hangers $840312571_000_f

These little pugs can hang off your water glass. I think that is too funny. This would be perfect for any house with kiddos.

4. Dog Butt Magnets $12.99


These dog butt magnets are so funny! I love these for the fridge at my house.

5. Dog Mug $11.95


If this mug isn’t perfect for the dog lover in your life then I don’t know what is. This would also make a great secret santa gift for an office friend!

6. Dog Shaming Selfie Kit $12.99


This is a kit that includes props to take embarrassing selfies of your dog to share on social media! If your dog has an Instagram this could be perfect for you! [p.s. follow Oscar on Instagram @oscarcraddock]

7. Dogs of Instagram Book $16.95 [on sale for $15.68]


Keeping up the dogs on Instagram theme this book is a hilarious coffee table book to have out that is kid friendly. It could also help inspire your dogs next post to Instagram.

8. Cotton Canvas Personalized Dog Bed $48-90


I love how simple this little dog bed is! I think it is too cute. There is a range of sizes as well.

9. Harry Barker Dog Toy Bin $18


This Harry Barker Dog Toy Bin is so cute! I know my pup has to have at least 5 toys everywhere he goes I feel like I’m always picking them up. However, this little bin keeps them all kept away!

10. Mr.Corny Corn Toy $5.99


This is also one of Oscar’s favorites. When I first bought him this corn it was about as big as he was as a puppy and he just adored it so I could not help but share!


I hope you and your furry friend enjoy shopping my must haves for every dog lover. However, cat lovers I definitely haven’t forgotten about you I’ll be uploading a post for the cat lover soon. Peace and paws!




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