The Lifestyle Edit:

Daruma Ramen- Austin, TX. 

I went to Austin for a quick trip recently, and I found the best place to eat on 6th street! 😍 I was walking down the street with my best friend Nicole, and we passed Daruma Ramen and decided we had to eat lunch there! We both have a love for all oriental food and ramen. [Hence my post on How to upgrade your Ramen! Lol] However Daruma takes ramen to a whole new level!

Pictured above is the “Miso Ramen” below I listed what was in the ramen.

Miso + chicken stock, shredded chicken breast, bean sprouts, soft-boiled egg, scallions, chili threads, chili oil

Nicole and I both got a Miso Ramen with extra noodles. It was some of the best food I’ve ever tasted! We ate at the bar which was super cool because we got to watch them cook. All the guys that worked there were super nice and cool. It’s a bit of a small restaurant, so I wouldn’t go with a big group, but 4-5 people shouldn’t be an issue!

Above is their menu off their website. I’ll link their website and address below in case any of you find yourself in the area and want to go!

Daruma Ramen’s Website

Daruma Ramen:

612 B E 6th Street

Austin, TX 78701

I hope y’all enjoy reading about one of my favorite dives in Austin, Texas. I really want to add a lot of different content in my upcoming posts to the lifestyle section. So, let me know if you like me writing posts on my favorite restaurants. Thanks for reading and stay tuned!




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