The Beauty Edit:

Skincare products for the College Girl


College girls, this one, is for you! I say these products are for the “college girl” because they’re some of the things that keep you looking good when you have little time. Two of them also help wake me up for those of you with a class at 7:45 like me or if you just need a boost in the mornings!


Mario Badescu drying lotion, this is a LIFE SAVER! Anytime I have a pimple I put a Q-tip in the jar and make sure it dips all the way to the bottom them apply some onto a pimple and go to sleep. Next morning wipe off the excess product and your pimple will either be gone or seriously reduced. It is magic in a bottle.

Shop it here: Mario Badescu drying lotion.


Glam Glow supermud clearing treatment. I cannot begin to describe the difference Glam Glow’s masks have made in my skincare. However they are pricey, I would hear big name beauty bloggers and YouTubers swear by them but never wanted to bite the bullet to buy them, then I purchased one two years later, and now I want all of them! Everyone, I’ve purchased, I have been so impressed with. This one is great for clearing skin, as it says. I always use it when I just feel like my pores are dirty, or I have a couple of small pimples overall it just feels like it is cleaning out my pores soo good! However, if you don’t like a mask that tingles, this is not for you. Personally, I like to know the mask is doing something.

Shop it here: Glam Glow supermud clearing treatment.


Skyn Hydro Cooling Gels, I bought these at Ulta because I struggle with my under eyes looking so tired, especially during the school year. Not only are these incredibly soothing but they’re actually effective!

Shop it here: Skyn Hydro Cooling Gels.


Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched skin base; this is not only a moisturizer it doubles as a primer too!! It feels so good on your skin, and it smells so good and refreshing. I suffer from dry skin, so this helps hydrate my face before applying makeup. It also improves the length my makeup stays looking fresh. [This was one of the products that helps wake me up in the morning. It’s cool on the skin and smells like oranges]

Shop it here: Bobbi Brown vitamin enriched skin base.


Evian facial water spray lets face it no one needs this product but it’s refreshing when you need a boost, a cool off or a wake up! [Perfect for the college girl] Sometimes I just spray this on when I’m studying and need to be woken back up!]

Shop it here: Evian facial water spray.


Grab n’ Go Pony hair ties, while this isn’t skin care I just had to throw it in because I love these hair ties SO MUCH! They never crease my hair or get it tangled. [Which is saying something because this curly hair is prone to tangles.] They also help me avoid headaches. Regular hair ties are too tight and give me the worst migraines, so when I discovered these, it felt life-changing.

Shop it here: Grab n’ Go Pony hair ties.

I hope you found this post helpful and if you buy any of the products, or have some curly hair tricks of your own; comment below and let me know! Thanks for reading.



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